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TLG started in 1985, by a group of young people who felt the need to glorify God. They wanted the world to know that Jesus was coming back again for the people born again in Christ. They came together to serve God, and being full of fire, they sought to spread the Lord's message to the world.

TLG started working with "I AM" Productions in 1993. And their first release "The Truth the Whole Truth, Nothing But The Truth" came out in 1995. This series of songs displays the groups versatility with rapping, harmony and slow jams. They feel that every music lover should find something on "THE TRUTH" that they can enjoy and be blessed by. The group just wants their music to help the youth and give them an alternative. TLG is planning on releasing their next CD by 1998 and they plan on staying with a mixture of styles. TLG has a unique style of music and feel that they must ultilize their diversity.

TLG has been fortunate enough to display their talents on the Inspirational Channel (INSP) which was viewed nationwide and yearly with a live radio show called JesusFest since 1991. The group has opened for "D.O.C." (Starsong Records), "Peggy Lacy" (T.M. Records), and "Rodney Posey" (GospoCentric Records). TLG received recognition from CCM magazine, one of the largest christian music publcations in the world. TLG's ultimate goal is to reach as many souls as possible with the gospel of Jesus Christ in song. We will continue this work through the avenue of contemporary christian music.

Now with heaven our prize and goals set high, the seed has been planted, God will give the increase. So let's pray, fast, and work together knowing Christ is soon to return in this...THE LAST GENERATION.