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It has been recognized by many that there are major problems in the modern Christian church. These problems are not easily defined, thus making them even more difficult to solve. God left New Testament patterns of worship in the scriptures that are based on the foundations laid by the Apostles and Prophets. The modern church has deviated from these patterns, we have redefined the church and the institutions affiliated with it. Thus the problems are not singular in nature, but an accumulation of many wrong choices made by leaders over the centuries. These decisions were sometimes made from good motives and sincere desires to properly address problem issues, however, that does not change the effect of bad decisions. This has created a problem that does not just linger on the surface. This problem has a root that grows deep into the heart of the modern Church and has caused us to deviate from God's blue print.

These are the latter days. Not only does the word of God promise a great falling away in this hour, but many prophecies like Joel 2:25-32 promise a restoration of all things to God's children. All over the world the Holy Spirit is restoring to the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven the foundations and patterns lay by the apostles and Prophets. He is also raising up men anointed with authentic five fold ministry gifts to build his people on the apostolic foundations and teach them the prophetic word.
By His Word Inc. a ministry group committed to:
The New Beginnings Conference is a vehicle used by By His Word Inc. to bring five fold ministers together to address common issues pertinent to the Christian community. Our vision is for anointed men who can affect change to join together outside the confines of their borders to affect the Kingdom of Heaven. For them to develop a relationship and a dialogue with each other that defines and solves problems, and then present the solutions to the children of God. This can be accomplished by men of influence teaming together in a mutual setting under a conference format to address and train the people of God. Here problems can be defined and properly solved through the teaching of God's word. Here God's restoration process can be ignited in a group, city, state, or country. This results in a New Beginning being established giving every Pastor, leader, or saint a new foundation on which they can properly build.